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Okuma M460-VE

Type – Vertical Machining Center

Controller – Okuma

Machining Area – Approx. 30”x18”x18”

Material Capabilities – Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Multiple Alloys.

Axis – 3+2 Positional 5 axis

Laguna SmartShop2 Elite

Type – CNC Table

Controller – Fanuc

Machining Area – 120” x 60” x 10”

Material Capabilities – Aluminum, Brass, Plastics, Wood.

Axis – 3

Laguna SmartShop2 MT True Tangential Knife

Type – CNC Table

Controller – WinCNC

Machining Area – 96” x 48” x 10”

Material Capabilities – Felt, leather, Plastics, foam.

Axis – 3

Laguna Smart Shop Laser EX

Type – 150W CO2 Laser Cutter / Engraver

Machining Area – 46” x 30” x 12”

Material Capabilities – Plastics & Wood

Axis – 3

Bambu X-1 3D Printer

Type – FDM 3D Printer

Printing Area – 10”x10”x10”

Material Capabilities – PLA, ABS, ASA, Carbon Fiber, PETG

Axis – 3

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Billet Aluminum Machining

Create accessories in brilliant aluminum for applications in automotive, marine, and motorsport. We offer multiple finishes including, brushed, anodized, and polished.